1. Pixellation

<Sample Output>

A) Pixellation in Adobe Illustrator

1. Open the .jpeg file to pixelate in Adobe Illustrator CS3 or CS4.

2. Go to Effect, under Photoshop Effects – Pixelate, select Color Halftone…

3. Set the Pixels. The smaller the pixel number, the denser the circles will be.

4. The result of the color halftone. Go to Live Trace to convert raster images into tracing objects.

5. Result after live trace. Then go to Expand for paths.

6. Then go to fills and choose none.

7. Go to Stroke, choose the selected pts.

8. End Product.

9. Outline of pixellation overlaid with picture. In conclusion, in the picture where

there are darker areas, in pixellation it will be concentrated with bigger and

more dense holes.

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