5. 3D Scanner (mesh to NURBS)

<Sample Output>

Reference : http://www.objet.com/3D-Printer/Eden350_Eden350V/
– 3D Scanner

Model: VIUscan 3D laser scanner

Size: W172 x D260 x H216mm

Measurement :  18,000 measures/s

Interface: Vxscan

Input: .stl, .iges, .dxf, .obj, .dae

Note: From Rhino, export as .stl

-Put a Sticker on Material (Distance : About 8-10Cm)

<Sample Output>

Reference : http://www.creaform3d.com/en/handyscan3d/products/viuscan.aspx

Process : (19, August, 2009)

1. Prepare Material For Scan (Sponge, Styrofoam, Paper)

2. Open the Vxscan Software. Select New scan.

3. Check the Surface (Volume size). Choose Add Scan.

4. Start Scanning Material.

5. Get the Mesh file, Save as Stl, Obj. (Sponge can’t get the file: Absorbed laser)

6. Use a Rhino resurf.  (Get the Surtace file.)

It cans deal with 3d model.

– Rhino RESURF

This Plug-in makes Mesh file convert to Surface file.

Download : http://www.resurf.cn/download.htm

Zoom to the extents of the drawing (View->Zoom->Extents).

You will find the mesh from pipe.stl imported into the current model.

Click Single Surface from mesh from the Resurf menu or type RsMesh2Surf at the Rhino command prompt or click icon at RhinoResurf toolbar

7. Make 3D Printer (Zcorp) Model.

Problem : My model’s thickness too thin, Broken some part

My shape is not natural,

So, I find another material.

Process : (19, August, 2009)

1. Prepare Material. (Type of Leafs)

2. Get the Mesh file as Scanning.

3. Use a Rhino resurf. Get the Surface file.

Process : (Make a component)

1. Trim model. It makes remove the remain part.

2. Use Mirror commander. (Offset)  Use Loft. (Fill up the gap)

3. Use Bend the model.

4. Use Array Polar the model. (Block)

Process : (2, September, 2009)

1. Make 3D Printer (Zcorp) Model.

2. Result : Broken (My model is weak and breaks.)

Time : 6hours 30 minutes

Cost : 200SGD  (1inch X 1inch X 1inch : 8SGD)

Process : (3, September, 2009)

1. Make 3D Printer Model (Objet Eden 350) / Separate Model with Printer.

2. Remove Support material.

3. Clean support material by Water.

4, Finally, Get the Physical model.

Time : 8hours

Cost : 178SGD

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