3a. Ribs – Rhinoscript

1. Use Control Point Curve to create 3 different profiles closed shape.

2. Space the 3 shapes along the same axis.

3. Select Loft command, then select the 3 curves respectively.

4. After selection, click enter & the loft options window will popped up and click Ok.

5. Select the surface, type in OffsetSrf, click on Solid, enter the thickness/distance and enter.

6. Go to Tools, RhinoScript > load

7. Add & load sectioning.RVB script. Select the solid and enter.

8. Type in the number sections required in U, V & W directions.

(Note : Put U, V & W sections in different layers & do 1 direction at a time).

You can do two of the tree directions each time.

U = 30 numbers

9. Click on Surface from Planar Curves, and select the U sections.

10. Press enter and lofting is in the process. Select all & organize U into a layer.

11. Repeat step 6, load sectioning.RVB script. Repeat step 8.

Using Surface from Planar Curves to create surface.

12. We can create sections by command of Contour and Section

Another way is  using RhinoScript will be as follows :

On the top view window, draw lines or grids across the surface you selected.

13. Select all the lines or grids, go to Curve > Curve from objects > Project. Select the solid and enter. Delete the lines or grids that was drawn previously.

14. Select the ribs and click on Surface from Planar Curves.

15. The end result with ribs.

16. End result with U & V sections / Ribs.

17. If you think that the ribs are too dense, you may choose to delete off some of them.

18. Go to Tools > RhinoScript > Load, add CutMyOwnRibsV3_en.RVB script and load. Select ribs on X direction, then select ribs on Y direction, enter the material thickness in X & Y ribs (thickness of material used for making the model), click on invert_directions=false then press enter.

19. Close up view of ribs with slots.

20. Go to Tools > RhinoScript > Load, add unroll_multiple1.rvb script and load. Select rib direction (a), under select the surfaces to unroll, select only the U ribs to unroll. Then press enter. Repeat the same steps with V ribs, select rib direction (b).

21. Under Top view, all the ribs will be unrolled in this manner.

The scripts can be downloaded in the following link:

CutMyOwnRibsV3_en.rvb: http://www.improved.ro/RhinoScripts/?C=M;O=D

unroll_multiple1.rvb: http://www.improved.ro/RhinoScripts/?C=S;O=A

sectioning.rvb: http://legil.org/rhinoScripts/sectioning.rvb

(To save the script on the web site to a .rvb file, click ‘Tools’ ->  ‘RhinoScript’ -> ’Edit’. Copy and paste the script in the windows. Save the file as .rvb file)

<Sample Output>

Sending file to Epilog laser engraving machine from Rhino

1 Mark points at the two opposite corner of the rectangle of cutting area. Remove the rectangle to avoid cutting the edge of the material.

2 You may also move the labeling on the ribs.

3 Transfer the file to the computer connected to the laser cut machine. Click ‘File’ and then ‘Print’

4 Adjust the scale. In this case, it is 1:1. Select window and click ‘Move’. Move the window to the point on the left top corner. (Please also place the material in the left top corner).

5. Click ‘Properties’. Check the box of ‘Combined’ and adjust the power and speed in the raster and vector setting (Refer to the setting sheet in the workshop). Press ‘OK’ and ‘Print’

For more detail information, please refer to the following web site.


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