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Welcome to Digital Fabrication in Architecture Studio!

A gentle reminder before we begin,

Do post: any sketchy idea, exploration, reference on/around Digital Fabrication in Architecture, which something contribute or hint to Structure, Space, Function, Materiality. It could be just Visual effect, Material sample, Component Assembly, Structural System, Space organization, or Fabrication process.

Don’t post: free form exploration kind of things! You’re the architects who control the design, don’t be servant of technologies.

Best regards, Shinya

To sign-up:

1. Compile(as a studio) and send a list of your email addresses to
2. Check your email for an invite and complete the registration process.
(If you do not wish to start your own blog, just register a username during registration.)
3. You may start posting once your registration is complete, you are now registered as a contributor. Please allow some time before your account is upgraded to author status.
(Contributors may not upload photos and publish posts, authors however may manage and publish their own posts.)
To write a post:

1. Log in to your WordPress Administration Panel (Dashboard).
2. Click the Posts tab.
3. Click the Add New Sub Tab
4. Start filling in the blanks.
5. As needed, select a category, add tags, and make other selections from the sections below the post. Each of these sections is explained below.
6. When you are ready, click Publish.

Post style guidelines:

1. Title

The title of your post. You can use any words or phrases. Avoid using the same title twice as that will cause problems. Keep it concise to best reflect the intent of your post entry.

3. Posting your entry

Upload/Insert your image, video, audio, media, poll accordingly in the space provided. Explore the buttons available and post your entries in the following format: introduction/intent, image and supporting text. Click here for an example.

2. Category

The general topic the post can be classified in. Check the respective academic studio year/semester (e.g. AY 2009/2010 SEM 2).

3. Post Tag

Refers to micro-categories for your blog, similar to including index entries for a page. Posts with similar tags are linked together when a user clicks one of the tags. Add new tags to the post by typing the tag into the box and clicking “Add” or choose from the most used tags in Post Tags link as shown below.

4. Publish

Publishes your post on the site. You can edit the time when the post is published by clicking the Edit link above the Publish button and specifying the time you want the post to be published. By default, at the time the post is first auto-saved, that will be the date and time of the post within the database.

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