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Digital Craftsmanship in Architecture Exhibition Opening, 24.08.2012, at National Library Singapore

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DIGITAL Craftsmanship in Architecture Exhibition, 24-28.08.2012, at National Library, Singapore

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DIGITAL Craftsmanship in Architecture Exhibition
Digital Fabrication in Architecture Studio / DTS Yr. 4 Program
Department of Architecture / School of Design and Environment / National University of Singapore

Two seemingly contrasting ideas combined will turn into something remarkably new. This resulted in the idea of Digital Craftsmanship – connecting the digital technology with artisans’ craftsmanship. Singapore is uniquely positioned to benefit from both – the latest technology in digital fabrication, as well as the beautiful and rich culture of ASEAN craftsmanship in countries like Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam. The NUS digital fabrication in architecture studio introduces advanced design to fabrication flow, such as 3D modeling, simulation, digital fabrication and physical assembly and testing. We discover existence of data flow distinguishes digital and conventional craftsmanship, prolonging the interface between human and object. The result is very encouraging –the Digital Craftsmanship approach could lead innovative yet regionally relevant contemporary architectural design, complex yet controlled functional geometry and aesthetics. We hope this exhibition could raise our awareness about preserving the precious wisdom of traditional craftsmanship alongside with advanced fabrication technologies in architecture.

EXHIBITION : 24 August 2012 (7 pm – 9 pm), 25 – 28 August 2012 (10 am – 9 pm, daily, free admission)
OPENING : 24 August 2012, 7pm – , RSVP to Yi Hui (
VENUE : Promenade, Level 8, National Library Building, 100 Victoria Street, Singapore

Shinya Okuda (Studio Tutor), Liane Ee Rulian, Hiral Ashvin Desai, Lee Teng Teng Cheryl, Ian Wong Hengjie, Teo Lin Lin, Xu Xiaoqi, Liu Zhichao, Diptarshi Dev, Tan Zi Hua, Teh Yi Hui, Joshua Loh.

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Bamboo by Yi Hui

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Stress to Perforations…

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Final Crit Session 13 April 2012

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Rolled Structure

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Folded Shell Structure by Liane Ee

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Making Sheet Architecture 

Folding turns flat sheet into doubly curved shell

Folding adds structural stiffness to a surface and can be a potential construction system for large span structures with complex geometry. 



Alucobond, invented in the 1970s  and used mainly for facades, can be CNC milled using angled drill bits, which allows the material to be folded. Alucobond sheets are available in 2,4 and 6mm thickness and can be folded and unfolded up to 8 times. The design pushes the possibility for this material to be used as structure, by making folds in the sheet, so as to produce a very thin-shell structure with a complex form but easily assembled and transported.



1:20 Scale Model

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