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Towards an Optimised Fabrication Economy of Complex Forms by Lynette Lim

May 12, 2012 Leave a comment


Thesis Abstract:

This thesis project is intended to improve the fabrication economy of complex forms, by
easing their fabrication and assembly, resultantly reducing the amount of time and material
used for the overall form. This thesis questions and discusses the use of the regular grid for
the Discretisation of a complex form and seeks a grid which can re‐create a complex surface
form with the least number of module types as far as possible. This thesis thus proposes a
new Discretisation grid created from circular geometries approximated as close as possible
to the complex form allows this. Through the application of this method for the design of a
new transport hub at Tampines Interchange, this thesis will attempt to display the potential
of this new Discretising grid, and the new aesthetic created by such a method of

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